About Us


KORR is an Australian owned company serving global markets, specialising in recruitment, contracting and consulting services to the airline and aerospace industries.

Our consultants are experienced industry and recruitment specialists. KORR maintains a network extending to national and international businesses and organisations. This allows provision for optimal growth and opportunities for our customers.

KORR’s services reach across national and international assignments for service providers, government instrumentalities and major corporations. Our success is driven by our industry experience and large network of skilled contacts from the shop floor to the boardroom.KORR’s specialist consultants are a key aspect of the business and have an ability to cover a variety of areas within your business.

Located in Newcastle NSW, KORR have access to all major centres in Australia with a professional and friendly team to assist your enquiries


The KORR Difference

  • Trusted partner driving the aviation industry’s optimisation of performance, accountability and operational efficiencies based on its intimate knowledge of airline and aviation operations
  • Unique range of outcome based, process controlled, aircraft engineering and maintenance services, in addition to warehousing and logistics, consulting and resourcing services
  • Over 12 years’ operational history serving the largest aviation clients in Australia, New Zealand and internationally with a reputation for excellence in customer service and operations with uncompromising safety and compliance
  • Headquartered in Australia with offices in New Zealand and Singapore
  • Suppliers of industry-leading expertise in the latest aircraft, engine and component types globally

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